Savitrine Glassworks

Functional, Unique, Handmade Fused Art Glass by David Dawes. Studios in Bronte and Braidwood, NSW.



Thank you for visiting my website which has examples of my art glass work, some information about me and a Gallery Shop.Working from my studios in Bronte and Braidwood, NSW, Australia, the ocean and the landscape surrounding these places provides much of the inspiration for my work.

All of the art glass, greeting cards and works on paper are handmade in Australia. I have exhibited my work in both group and solo shows and have completed many unique commissions.

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Glass dichotomies....


Fused (Warm) Art Glass

Glass fusing is technically challenging and there is not a kiln opening without holding my breath before seeing what has developed. There is a fine line between success and failure but that is part of the addiction - to keep pushing not only the boundaries of the medium but also my creative vision. Appropriately for kiln fired glasswork Savitrine means "of the sun" in Sanskrit and is also a (terrible) play on words - Sa vitrine is "his shop window" in French.
Kiln fired or warm glass includes glass fusing, glass slumping into moulds, glass paste (pate de verre) and glass casting. It is not glass blowing (hot glass), lamp or flame working or bead making. It can include cold working techniques like etching, sandblasting and carving.